Warped Tour Review

I spent 7/28/12 at Warped Tour at the Cruzan Amphitheater. It was hot, I got sun burnt and I laughed my ass off at the attire of the young people in attendance. I’m not going the clutter the page with this post so hit the jump.


We arrived as I had to rush to the stage to see A Loss For Words who started the day off.
They killed it of course, I wouldn’t have been at Warped Tour this year if it wasn’t for them playing two sets at each date.
The crowd was weak in numbers, I don’t know if that’s a testament to how kids now hate good music or because it was too early.
Everyone who was there did go crazy though for them.

Then I caught part of I Call Fives playing acoustic. Wanted to buy their album at the end of the night, but they left.

Then we had a break until Geoff Rickly and Yellowcard played at the same time.


I switched back and forward running between stages to hear classics from both sets. Yellowcard didn’t disappoint with songs like “Ocean Ave.” and “Way Away” while Geoff killed it with “Turnpike Divides” and a cover of Usher’s “Climax.” We went to get water from the Kleen Kanteen. Once we met up and went to checkout Mayday Parade in hopes of hearing something really good.

Mayday Parade had started already but I could tell we didn’t miss much. The performance was very uninspired. I’m used to seeing these guys play great sets. I was let down upon seeing their live show wasn’t up to par, but watched anyway. After Mayday we had a break so we sat around.

At this point we’re still happy, and pretty stoked on who’s up next.


I’m waiting to catch Every Time I Die. When some kid from New York doesn’t stop talking to me until I buy his band’s Cd. Honestly I can’t stand a majority of heavy music anymore. So I buy it so I can enjoy ETID in peace.

Every Time I Die plays a killer set. Old stuff, new stuff, great stuff. From “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space” to “Ebolarama” they cover a good chunk of the favorites. The set ends with Andy playing in the middle of the crowd as they close up shop.

Now we wait. We went and sat under the shade of the amphitheater since you know I’m 23 and too fucking old to be in the sun for no reason. There’s a main stage in the amphitheater where people who run Live Nation have their security guys not letting people fill up the seats to get closer and waving their arms like idiots hitting teenager in the face and not caring. But the security issue is something we’ll get to later.


Streetlight Manifesto plays, I know they’re good at what they do, but I don’t like what they do. After two songs it was bathroom time and then off to see Taking Back Sunday. They play songs off every album, which was surprising in the limited time Warped offers for sets. I enjoyed the set John Nolan and Shaun Cooper are playing the old songs just as well as the new songs and they look happy. Taking Back Sunday will be on a 10 year anniversary tour for Tell All Your Friends with Bayside.


A Loss For Words plays an acoustic set. Great covers of Acceptance’s “So Contagious” and The Temptations “My Girl” as well as their own fan favorites. The turn out looked to be about 30-40 people but it was very fun to watch. These guys are some of the nicest dudes in Pop-Punk and I’ll continue to see and support them every time they’re in my area.


I Wrestled A Bear Once were playing, I was interested in seeing how their new girl compares. She doesn’t I was surprised to see so many people there watching them with how bad she sounded. So we had time to kill until Fireworks played at 7:00. At this point we’re debating whether or not $8.50 for a hot dog and fries was too ridiculous… it was. The waiting ensued.


Fireworks plays to the same size crowd that A Loss For Words played to. Everyone there knew every word and had fun. Security were dicks. It was my first time seeing since the official release of Gospel and they did the songs justice.


Walk over to catch Four Year Strong play some. Their old songs sounded weird without Josh’s random screams and keys. Their new stuff just isn’t my style. They did good for what they do now though. Really too much aggression before songs that are middle of the road stuff though.


Sat and listened to Senses Fail while waiting for New Found Glory. I don’t listen to Senses Fail but they did good. The one song I knew they played pretty well and the rest was good enough to spark interest.


We watched about 4 or 5 songs before leaving because we’ve seen them a million times and it was late, and we were hungry. They were good, the songs seemed to be a little faster than normal. New Found Glory always puts on a fun show but it was just too late.

Now on to the security provided by Live Nation. During Streetlight I’m sure there was a cap on people they could let in. However to wave your arms around and hit people because you can’t pay attention isn’t okay. First you’re pissing off people by not letting them in and then you’re hitting people on accident or not, it’s not good. These people were doing harmful things on accident.

Hired security outside of Live Nation’s regulars were great. They understood what they were doing and did it well.

Now during Fireworks instead of grabbing kids crowd surfing and pulling them over they reacted by shoving them into the ground. Some of these guys out weighed these kids by 100 pounds or more. Live Nation needs to reconsider who they hire to work events. 45+ year old people had no business working at an all day festival where crowd surfing and mosh pits occur. They clearly didn’t understand that the bands like to have their fans crowd surf and that the barrier isn’t there for them to push kids away but rather guide them back to safety away from the bands.

The vendors ran out of water by the end of the night in multiple areas causing people to go without, something that needs to be looked into.

The kids at Warped tour scare me. They’re 15 their hair is easily 3 feet off of their head, and they wear all black. How do parents let their kids go into the sun like that? It’s no wonder that people suffer dehydration every year. Go to the show in shorts and a t-shirt. Don’t wear a bikini if you shouldn’t be in one, don’t wear a bra just because you’re attractive. If you show up planning to be half naked all day prepare to be dead at the end. You’re essentially tanning for 8 hours straight, that isn’t good for you. Be smart kids. It’s a music festival, not a fashion show. You’re not going to impress anyone worth a damn at Warped Tour, you’re going to wake up the next day too sore to move because you were an idiot.

I think this will be my last Warped tour, barring an insane line up. If I didn’t have a deal for this year I wouldn’t have spent $90 on the two tickets. I remember when Warped was fun, staying out in the sun seemed like a great idea to see a bunch of great bands, and all my friends were there. Well it looks like I outlasted my friends and the being in the sun for 8 hours wasn’t fun. The bands were much better this year than the last few.

I bet I have some typos here, I have some important things to do for school though.


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