Machida Out of UFC 152 Jones v. Belfort

Lyoto Machida was given the title shot against Jon Jones at UFC 152, once UFC 151 was cancelled. Now Machida, for a yet unnamed reason cannot make UFC 152. I’m assuming by Dana White’s media call that Machida is away from camp, back in Brazil.

Now Vitor Belfort steps in. I’m confused, Belfort was fighting at Middleweight and trying to get his way back to fighting Anderson Silva. Now he’s the best guy to step in to fight Jones?

Sonnen made sense at 151 because he was the guy to step up and say yes. He didn’t necessarily deserve the fight on it’s own, but he was willing to go in with no training.

Belfort is a great fighter, I just don’t see how Alexander Gustafsson, Shogun Rua, or even Phil Davis don’t get that fight before a guy coming from the same ranks in another division.

Either way, here’s hoping that Belfort can come in and take that belt away.


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