The USADA Took Away The Best Cancer Comeback Ever

Lance Armstrong finally told the USADA to fuck off today by giving up the fight against his alleged PED use during his most competitive years. In doing so the USADA now automatically finds him guilty and has banned him from competitive cycling, something he doesn’t do anymore and taken away his tour titles, which in actuality really doesn’t mean shit because, we all know who won those seven years. Shit, most Americans still think Lance Armstrong wins every year.

Did Lance use PEDs? Probably, but who didn’t? Seriously give me a guy who pissed clean for that entire time and tell me his 149th place finish would be deserving of a championship. Armstrong is the most, and only recognizable cyclist in America, and his own country just took him down.

Doesn’t the Federal Government have better ways to spend their money? Nah, screw the debt, get the athletes. This country wants to ride the popularity wave these guys bring until they’re no longer bring in the wins.

Lance Armstrong overcame too much in his life, (including Sheryl Crow) to fight with people over events that in reality won’t change. Reggie Bush will be the first one to tell you he won that damn Heisman, and Armstrong will tell you he won the Tour 7 times, but most importantly so will all the fans.


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