How Tropical Storm Isaac Ruined Bristol

During the Bristol race last night, I was unaware of who was in what position, how many laps were left, and just how important certain moves were.

WPBF 25 decided to cover the top of the screen with a very intrusive information bar that offered no new information. Then the coverage was continually broken into to give updates where the guy said the same thing. This is a tropical storm, which can bring high winds, but it’s nothing new. Having this storm not even touch until today was the real pain.

This isn’t even a hurricane, and this is Florida. I went 2-3 weeks without power after Wilma, a little storm doesn’t bother me, what does is the lack of a producer’s ability to make a weather update non-intrusive to the race coverage. Whoever is in charge at that station clearly isn’t a race fan, and has no idea how important knowing things like how much time is left in a live sporting event is to the viewers.

My gripe isn’t that WPBF 25 wanted to update viewers, it’s that they promised it to not be an issue when it was.


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