Justice League Movie A.K.A. Trying To Keep Up With Marvel

There have been articles online speculating that Ben Affleck was on the short list of directors to helm Warner Bros. and DC’s shot at creating a live-action Justice League movie. Thankfully, that’s been squashed.

Now it’s the Wachowski’s (The Matrix, Speed Racer, Cloud Atlas) who are being reported at being potential directors.
Now, Ben Affleck is an amazing director (Gone Baby Gone and The Town) but I’m leaning more towards the Wachowski’s being the better candidates for directing any sort of superhero movie. Daredevil directing the Justice League would’ve been too confusing anyways.

Of course, since this is all speculation, I’m sure that as soon as I post this the Wachowski’s will be out and they’ll be saying that Ridley Scott is in talks because…well, why not?

I wish DC and Warner Bros. all the best with making a live-action Justice League movie. Do I think that they are just trying to cash in on the success of The Avengers? Yes. Why shouldn’t they? Especially now that they know they can take the risk because a movie as out of this world as The Avengers actually worked.

Although, The Avengers did have each main character get their own feature-film prior to their assembling.

Can a live-action Justice League movie work with new actors playing Batman and Superman, and then introducing all of the other superheroes they intend to have in the film? I don’t know. I hope so. Warner Bros. and DC dropped the ball on The Green Lantern, and at this point I’m only hoping that The Man of Steel doesn’t suck. That’s all I want from a DC movie at this point. And if they do go through with this Justice League movie, I want to see the African-American Green Lantern, John Stewart, rather than Ryan Reynolds.


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