The Incredibly Upsetting True Blood Season Finale: Spoilers

I used to wanna do bad things with you.

Season 5 of True Blood has been a disappointment to say the least. Did the season finale help this series find redemption?

*Spoilers after the jump*

I used to be a huge True Blood fan. The first season hooked me and made me care about Sookie and the world around her. I put up with Season 2 and Marian because I had to. Season 3 had Russell, so that was cool. Season 4’s whole Witch-thing was the fast decline of the show’s capability of holding my attention and not making me roll my eyes. And Season 5…all I was looking forward to was seeing Russell Edgington come back and be badass, maybe rip someone’s heart out again.

Eric staked Russell Edgington in the first minute of the season finale…

The entire season was leading up to the revival of the oldest, most dangerous Vampire alive and just when he starts to go after Sookie and be a real threat this season, he’s caught off guard and dies…This disappointment emulates my feelings on the entire season.

Bill and Eric’s adventures with the Vampire Authority sucked too much time of the season. All of the Vampires were incredibly flat, Salomé was disgusting, and Roman (however briefly he was on the show) wasn’t intimidating at all. Bill’s always been such a great character and steadfast in his beliefs in the past that watching him go head-first into the Vampire Religion felt so unbelievable and sudden that I couldn’t care enough to buy it. I was still waiting to see if he had been playing Salome the entire time. By the end of the finale, I was disappointed to see Bill rise from the puddle of blood Lilith-style. I was hoping that maybe if he’d really fallen so much, that his death would have had some meaning. Oh, wait. There’s still the chance that the first episode of Season 6 will have him getting staked as soon as he runs out of the room after Sookie and Eric.

Oh yes, Sookie, the main protagonist of the series who hasn’t done much this season. Her parents’ Vampire murderer, Warlowe, deciding for Tara to become a Vampire, the fairies…all of her stories felt like previews to next season. The problem with that is that I didn’t give a shit about Sookie this season. I haven’t felt for her since the end of Season 3 when Bill had drained her nearly to death and then stepped out into the sun. Throughout Season 5, Sookie’s presence is a plot-device. The finale had her in the background, listening to Jason’s crazy rants, going through with Eric’s plans, and then trying to talk Bill down from being crazy. If the writers of this show can’t come up with plots that involve Sookie and let Anna Paquin actually act like she did in the first Season, I don’t see a point in keeping her on. Sookie’s stories should be in the forefront of the series and get more screen-time than Terry and Arlene, and Andy.

The writing this season has plummeted to the realm of absurdity. What made True Blood great in the past was the level of irony and sarcasm that the show had towards itself. It never took anything too serious and then sideswiped you with some powerful scenes and performances by the cast. Now, it feels like the show is just trying to get viewers to hate it and make fun of it with as many corny one-liners as possible. And the cursing…the constant cursing makes it seem like an angry 8th Grader wrote the dialogue this season. Saying, “Fuck” doesn’t make you sound more bad-ass.

Did anything good come from the season finale? Sure. We got to see Alcide take charge of his pack. Shifters have now been exposed to the human world. Sam continues killing women. And Pam and Tara kiss. Just seeing those as my “highlights” of the season saddens me.

The Season 5 finale was by far the best episode of the season, but that’s not saying much and certainly doesn’t make it any good. Something needs to change next season to keep viewers. Or else, I fear that the True Death is on the horizon for True Blood. Let’s pray that Andy’s fairy quadruplets age really fast and get really hot. Yeah, that’ll bring the show back up to par with the first season.


4 thoughts on “The Incredibly Upsetting True Blood Season Finale: Spoilers

  1. Eww, the fact that you cared about Alcide (I mean at least spell it right?) and thought Bill has ever been great just shows you have terrible opinions.

  2. I felt this finale was horrible too, and the writers clearly have no idea on what to do with this show. It would be best if next season will be the last since this show is going down the drain.

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