Dez Bryant Sent to Room

Not even weekends? (Getty Images)

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys have sent Dez Bryant to his room. No desert, no tv, no computer.

Dez Bryant, after a series of unfortunate events is now being treated like Pac Man Jones was in Dallas.

No alcohol, strip clubs, weekly meetings, going anywhere alone, and having to be home by midnight. His three man security team will leave one guy around at all times, and he cannot go to regular night clubs that are not approved by the Cowboys.

They aren’t trying to hurt Bryant, they’re trying to protect him from himself, like all good parents do. Here’s the thing though why not bring in Chad Johnson? The guy doesn’t go out, drink and very rarely gets into trouble. He can not only have a friend, but someone to help him in the league. Johnson is a free agent and would most likely be cheaper than a three man security team, he’d also need a place to stay in Dallas and they could be roommates.

Does my idea sound stupid? To a lot of you probably, but think about it. Dallas could use a third guy at WR and Bryant could use a non-drinking buddy.


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