Homeland Season 2

On September 30th Homeland returns to Showtime.

My mini review found here, was during the middle of the season for me. I completed it soon after that day. With season 2 coming up quickly I figured I’d let you know why, you’re missing out if you’re not watching.

Brody came back from war and is suspected as a terrorist, after being kept alive in their custody for so long.

Carrie, is slightly crazy but is leading the charge that Brody is in fact a terrorist.

The first season is amazing, go watch it, kill the day watching it. Tropical Storm Isaac is a perfect excuse South Florida.

Season 1 spoilers after the jump

After we know of Brody’s talks with Abu Nazir it’s a sure bet that he is working with Al-Qaeda at the very least. The bomb in the city park last season only showed that the connections between Brody and Nazir could cause great damage to the United States, especially with Brody running for office.

Carrie, who is now in limbo because of self medicating, has the proof and nobody will believe her, and they know of the sexual relations had between herself and Brody which only complicates things.

Jessica, Brody’s wife is still struggling to deal with Brody being back, and his running for office. She could be the catalyst for things falling apart this season.

Will Brody carry out the plan to kill the Vice President this season or will he transition into helping Al-Qaeda though other means in office? Either way, Season 2 is bound to be exciting.


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