Local Food Spotlight: El Jefe Luchador

On a trip to seek out a Tijuana Flats I spotted a small restaurant out of the corner of my eye. The sign over the door is complete with a luchador mask and that was all we needed to change out minds.

We got in and were in heaven. Luchador masks on the wall, wrestling wall paper, and a menu that was confusing. We waited, and then finally asked for help. El Jefe is a street style Mexican food place. So everything is à la carte, and made to order. You could go with tacos, quesadillas, salad, and tortas. All of which are relatively cheap for the amount of food one gets with each item.

My favorite item is the Mystico the bottom of the picture below, which is an amazing quesadilla with beef barbacoa (that should put Chipotle out of buisness), hongos, oaxaca cheese, and mole negro among other things. My first bite had me in a trance, it was the best $4.00 I’ve ever spent and it’s become a staple in my record 4 visits in 5 days last week.

Their plain tacos, in my opinion are good, but its worth the extra for the specialty.
The tortas are absolutely filling and the Vampiro is nice and spicy.
Fresh chips and queso dip are great, and their revolving menu of specialty items are wonderful. My fried chicken taco, and pork belly were fantastic. My girlfriends cheeseburger gordita concoction was insane and was a Charm City Burger.

Like stated above, these are the guys from Charm City Burger who I’m sure you’ve heard of if you live in the North Broward area. El Jefe is another animal, I don’t feel the need to ever step foot in a Chipotle or Moe’s or Tijuana Flats again. Best Mexican for the best prices in the area.


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