Michigan v. Alabama in Dallas: College Football Kickoff

This week marks the start of college football. Friday night I’ll be at my school (Florida Atlantic) watching the Owls play, uh Wagner? Yeah the players I’ve asked have no idea who they are either. More on that to come later this week.

Saturday night at 8 we see number 2 Alabama play number 8 Michigan in the house that Jerry built. Michigan is coming off a monster season and returns with key seniors like Denard Robinson at the helm on offense and Jordan Kovacs on defense. Alabama is coming of a national championship and returns with Aj McCarron at quarterback and a plethora of defensive stars.

While Alabama is the defending national champions and are favorites to win, I have to take Michigan. The first game of the season is usually a cupcake game for guys like these, but not this time. Denard might have too much speed and energy to see on opening day, however if anyone can lose early and still get the title it’s Alabama.

Saturday night real, fun football is back with real refs to boot. If you’re a football fan get ready to request off and tell your kids to eat some easy mac, because for the next couple of months your Saturday’s are booked.


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