The Mindy Project Pilot Stream and Opinion

Mindy Kaling, you know the amazingly funny one from The Office, has her own show on FOX and thanks to Hulu you can watch the pilot now instead of waiting until 9-25.

The cast Chris Messina (The Newsroom), Ed Weeks, and Anna Camp (True Blood) are the closest people in Mindy’s life. She is an OB/GYN and is a single 31 year old in a big city.

Mindy is everything you want in a woman, cute, smart, delusional, and funny. Yet she can’t seem to dig herself out of old habits which keep her Facebook status on single, or it’s complicated. You’ll go with her on an adventure of sexual escapades, first dates, and moral dilemmas, all the while being over the top only when needed.

I understand some of the negativity but the amount is just unwarranted. The Mindy Project is a pretty funny show which laid the ground rules out during the pilot. Now that all the formalities are out of the way we can expect a fun, quirky journey, which should set itself atop of the Fox comedy mountain.


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