The Newsroom Season Finale Recap

Trolls, they’re everywhere.

After last night’s season finale I have faith for season 2. Read more after the jump, spoilers inside.

The crusade to compete with other news channels continues, and Will doesn’t back down on his principles. After Nina’s surprise call to Mac with her insider information, I was left worried that Will would be fired. By the time that it all came around and it was time to pin the hacking on Reese (including the hacking of his own employees) it was definite that Will would be safe. This of course was after Will’s decision to stay despite what the news article said about him, which landed him in the hospital.

Jim and Maggie finally kissed, it’s been a long season of The Newsrooms version of Pam and Jim from The Office, but we were given a bit of hope. That was all spoiled by Maggie accepting Don’s invitation to move in with him. Then Jim lied to Lisa to keep that relationship going, after it became evident that the ship on Maggie has sailed, at least for now.

Solan admitted feelings for Don, which in the episode was completely transparent, but throughout the season was only slightly suspected. She also chose to stay with ACN despite Will’s potential departure.

Season 2 will pick up with Will and Mac free of any potential firing, knowing Reese’s secret, and also their relationship in a position where something has to happen to break up the continuous back and forth jabs masking the love. Jim and Maggie pursing relationships they’re not sure of, and Charlie running whatever show he wants to run. The only bad thing about The Newsroom is that it has to follow True Blood. Oh yeah, and 100 more death threats.


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