Modern Family Kids Get Raise in Allowance

According to reports, the kids on Modern Family will get $70,000 per episode which is three times their going rate for being snotty, ignoring their parents, and making a mess.

The fact that kids, save Sarah Hyland(21) are making that much is absolutely insane. That’s more than teachers make in a year, you know the people who taught them how to read those lines in the first place.

Do they deserve the money? Yes, but there’s just way too much money in that industry. Together they will make $6,720,000 this year. Which is as much as 168 people at $40,000 who work every day.

It’s no wonder why people work in Ruby Tuesdays, Starbucks, and laundry mats waiting to make it big, the risk for a while is worth the potential reward.



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