Spider-Man and Batman Battle Box Office:

The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises both finally premiered in China and have greatly increased their Box Office numbers.
Batman seems to be making his way to the $1 billion mark worldwide.

The Amazing Spider-Man came out June 30th in the US, and with this boost from China, Spider-Man is swinging to the $700 million milestone in worldwide sales.

It’s no surprise to me that The Dark Knight Rises is going to reach $1 billion worldwide. I expect that it will even surpass it’s predecessor, The Dark Knight which only made little over $1.1 billion in the following weeks. This saddens me of course considering that The Dark Knight is the best of all three of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy.

What does surprise me is how much steam The Amazing Spider-Man has made outside of the US. Out of the $700 million it’s brought in worldwide, only an estimated $257 million of that is from domestic sales. As far as total Box Office sales worldwide, Spidey’s already surpassed both Iron Man films. But that’s not all. Spider-Man’s sales beat Batman’s in China during their same-day releases. There’s some sweet irony in that for me.

I really enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man despite its flaws, and now that it’s making Sony so much money, I’m confident that they’ll invest the time and resources needed to make the sequel even better.


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