Is Alabama Too Good?


Yes. They scored at will against Michigan, who some say weren’t deserving of a top 10 ranking, but nobody said they weren’t worthy of a ranking at all. 41-14 that’s all against a dual threat quarterback and a defense that isn’t the nations best, but is still decent.

Nick Saban has another championship potential team on his hands, they’re fast, strong, and disciplined. Alabama looks like they could face any team right now and hold their own, pro, college, international, whatever. They’re the most impressive first week showing from the NCAA. USC beat Hawaii, they aren’t a tough team to beat, nobody else played top competition like Michigan to start the season.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Alabama in the national championship game again this season, if they can get through the SEC without injury.

On the flip side of this conversation, Michigan would benefit greatly from a couple guys who can actually catch the ball. Two of the nights interceptions came off of receivers’ hands.

The offense for Alabama cannot be stopped easily, of course there’s LSU, that will be the game to watch for this year once again. Actually Alabama has to play Florida Atlantic, Let’s go owls!


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