Local Food Spotlight: HiWay Burger

I spotted HiWay Burger while on the Ave in Delray having already eaten elsewhere I didn’t go in. Then last week they followed me on Twitter, which was a good thing because from the construction going on out there I would have thought they were closed. Looking at the cheap menu online I decided it was more than worth a shot even if it was just Steak and Shake quality.

First off I have to commend this place on how clean it was, I have never in my life been in a place where I could safely say there wasn’t one spot of trash lying around. It smelt like they took pride in having their food be the only distraction in the place. After that the staff was perhaps the nicest I’ve ever met, the girl at the register was more than helpful.

I got a Double Hi Cheeseburger with pickles and grilled onions, my girlfriend got a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and spread (thousand island). We shared an order of fries which was more than enough and got drinks. Our total was under 16 bucks.

The burgers are great. It’s a juicy patty and the cheese was just right. The fries however are the real selling point. They’re incredible, fresh-cut and made in-house. It’s clear to me that these guys are serious about burgers and fries. I didn’t try their milkshakes, but have heard they’re pretty good as well.

HiWay Burger beats the price of any other place I’ve been to on the ave, and rivals the taste if not beats it. If you’re in the area give them a shot.


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