Office Depot Leaving Tony Stewart

Stewart Hass Racing announced that Office Depot will not be back as a primary sponsor to the #14 team. Office Depot is looking into ways to stay with the team, but in a more cost effective way.

Is this because Smoke threw his helmet at Kenseth? No, and if you’re still upset about that, you need to grow up. It’s all money NASCAR is an expensive sport to sponsor and Office Depot looks to be hurting a bit right now. Just money, nothing else.

This is important to Stewart Hass because now this leaves two cars in need of sponsorship for the upcoming season, and Ryan Newman is still unsigned. Newman should be on the short list for every team in the NASCAR garage, but only if there is already sponsorship involved. He’s a funny guy, but the glimpses we see of his personality are far too few, and take away the personal connection most fans have with drivers.

Tony Stewart should have no problem filling his own sponsorship void, but now he has to try to work on more than one deal. Good thing they’ve got that Go Daddy money.



One thought on “Office Depot Leaving Tony Stewart

  1. When Bill Elliot, retired I switched my allegiance to Steward, you are right, he will find the necessary sponsor’s, If you watch a lot of NASCAR (and I believe you do) you see more and teams without a major on the hood. It is a sign of the times. — Thanks, Bill

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