EA NCAA 13 Conference Realignment UPDATE

Every year I pick either Madden or NCAA as my football game, I went two years without NCAA and decided I missed dynasty too much to go another year without it. The guys over at Operation Sports have great rosters and sliders.

I played some with Florida Atlantic, my school and got really bored of running gimmick plays to win. Then I moved onto a dynasty with Michigan, came up short in overtime of the conference championship and went to a BCS bowl, now in year two I’m enjoying the rebuilding process and started to use a run orientated offense. The process is 50/50 I use Gardner at QB when I need the ability to scramble and a 5 star recruit to pass more accurately. Using a two quarterback system is fun for me and I’ll probably play this dynasty, along with manually recruiting for at least 10 seasons.

Still, I needed more. While just having fun playing, not recruiting. I followed some advice on conference realignment, but decided to go all out and change almost every conference. Here are the new conferences along with how it’s going 3.5 weeks into the season. Along with my quick notes I made doing this at 1 A.M.

ACC Atlantic
Wake Forest 2-0
NC State 3-0
Tennessee 3-1
Vanderbilt 2-1
Duke 2-0
Clemson 2-1
Memphis 1-2

ACC Coastal
North Carolina 3-0
West Virginia 3-0
South Carolina 3-0
Virginia 1-2
Virginia Tech 2-1
Marshall 0-4
ECU 0-3

The ACC consists of all North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia schools.

Big 12 Division A
Texas A&M 3-0
Rice 2-1
UTSA 2-1
TCU 1-2
Baylor 0-3
Houston 0-3

Big 12 Division B
Texas 3-0
Texas State 1-1
Texas Tech 2-1
UTEP 2-1
SMU 2-1
North Texas 0-3

The Big 12 is clearly all Texas all the time.

Big East
Maryland 2-0
Pittsburgh 1-1
Syracuse 3-0
Temple 2-1
Connecticut 1-1
Cincinnati 1-2
Rutgers 1-2
Boston College 0-1
U Mass 0-1
Buffalo 0-3

The Big East has schools from Mass, Conn, NJ, NY, Penn, Maryland excluding BIG 10 schools.

I left the Big 10. It seems like a good idea to keep those schools together and not try to make super conferences harder than necessary.

C-USA East
Florida State 3-0
Florida 2-0
UCF 2-1
USF 2-1
Miami 3-1 (my team)
FIU 1-1
FAU 1-3

C-USA West
USC 2-0
Stanford 2-2
San Diego State 2-1
UCLA 2-1
Cal 2-1
Fresno State 2-1
San Jose State 1-2

Every team in Florida goes East, every team in California goes West

Toledo 2-1
Ball State 2-1
Ohio 2-0
Western Michigan 2-1
Kent State 2-1
Central Michigan 1-1
Miami University 1-1
Northern Illinois 1-2
Eastern Michigan 1-2
UAB 0-1
Bowling Green 0-3

The MAC felt like a place to keep the teams who weren’t that great together to give one a shot at the national championship by going undefeated.

Iowa State 2-1
Oklahoma 2-0
Oklahoma State 2-1
Missouri 2-1
Boise State 2-1
Akron 0-2

New Mexico 1-2
Kansas State 3-0
Kansas 3-0
Wyoming 2-1
Tulsa 1-2
Idaho 0-2

The MWC has teams from Oklahoma, Idaho, Kansas, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Iowa, then Akron. There’s no specific meaning for this conference other than parody.

PAC 12 North
Arizona 3-0
BYU 2-1
Washington 3-0
Oregon 2-1
Washington State 2-1
Oregon State 1-2
Colorado State 1-2

PAC 12 South
Utah 2-0
Arizona State 2-1
Colorado 1-1
Hawaii 1-1
Utah State 1-2
Nevada 1-2
UNLV 1-2

The PAC 12 consists of teams from Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Washington, Nevada, and Hawaii to keep that west coast feel missing California.

SEC East
Louisville 3-0
Georgia 2-1
Alabama 3-1
Kentucky 2-2
UL Lafayette 1-2
Tulane 0-3
Georgia Tech 0-3

SEC West
Arkansas 3-0
Southern Miss 3-0
Mississippi State 2-1
Auburn 1-1
Louisiana Tech 1-1
LSU 1-2
Ole Miss 1-2

The SEC is Georgia, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky and Alabama with Auburn. With some exceptions.

Sun Belt
Mid Tenn State 2-0
Troy 1-0
Western Kentucky 2-1
UL Monroe 1-2
Arkansas State 0-3

This conference is a mess, I like it because it’s small enough to create schools with open schedules though. These are schools from the SEC who’s addition to the SEC would not be allowed by the game due to the existing conferences having to have at least four teams.

Army 1-0
Navy 1-1
Air Force 1-2
New Mexico State 0-2

As mentioned above the minimum of four rule forced me to have another team in with the “Armed Forces Conference.” I just want to see who wins this conference championship every year.

Notre Dame 2-1

I just don’t like their real life attitude enough to include them in my fun conferences.

I will make updates on things throughout the seasons in this dynasty. To show conference champions and national champs along with award winners and such. So far I’ve noticed some big teams failing horribly, and little teams stepping it up. It took me until the 4th quarter to pull away from FAU.

UDPATE: I quit this, the game is horrible. Switching to defenders going to places yards away from the closest defender, and the overall brokenness when compared to Madden and NHL has rendered this game useless.


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