Jose Aldo in Motorcycle Accident

Multiple sources have stated that Aldo was in an accident, but remains unharmed. Finally a good break for the UFC. Jose Aldo is facing Frankie Edgar in October and without that fight, another event would have been seriously watered down.

Aldo like most athletes enjoys “dangerous” activities, such as riding motorcycles. The argument that athletes should not take part in these activities makes sense, but what makes more sense is to not do it so close to a fight. Getting injured a week after a fight when nothing is set up doesn’t sting as much as the month before a major event.

Living paycheck to paycheck seems to be a common theme for MMA fighters and taking a potential check out of that equation could be very detrimental to a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, Jose Aldo is unharmed after the accident, so talk of him ruining it for everyone will have to wait. I just hope this makes fighters think about the dangers of partaking in these activities so close to fight night. Take a common worker and put him out for 2 weeks for an injury and you have someone losing one-twenty sixth of their yearly income. Take a fighter who gets three fights a year out of one and you get a guy who is missing one-third of his yearly income.

I believe that anyone can do what they want, but when such a big date is coming up why risk it?


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