Dallas Tops Giants

Tony Romo had a career game in New York tonight with the help of Kevin Ogletree. Yes, not Witten, Bryant, or Austin, Kevin Ogletree put the team on his back. He had his first two career touchdowns tonight and solidified himself as the third receiver. For the first time in his professional career against the Giants, Romo looked ready to read the defense properly. He scrambled effectively and made big moves in the pocket, along with scrambling for extra yards.

DeMarcus Ware got 2 sacks tonight, becoming the second fastest to get to 100 sacks in history. His showing helped the much improved secondary show they are some of the best in the league and made Dallas a very scary defense to play against. Teams used to play Dallas going with a pass offense and have no second thought because for years their pass coverage was horrid, now it’s a different era in Dallas.

People are going to say Tony Romo won this game, like he is some sort of rookie. Romo should win this game every time as a professional and it shouldn’t come as a surprise when he leads the team to a great victory.

24-17 over New York, in New York? Yeah, that’s music to the Cowboys Fan’s ears.


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