World Series of Fighting Announcements

Today World Series of Fighting held a press conference. In this press conference they announced a year long deal with NBC Sports Network, where they hope to put on at least eight fights.

This is big news for the MMA world, due to the length of this deal. Most upstart promotions will get a shot with a network that doesn’t have a huge outlet and usually get stuck there due to going with mostly local fighters, not WSoF. They have pulled out the big guns, Ray Sefo, Miguel Torres, Gerald Harris, and even Bobby Lashley from pro-wrestling fame.

NBC Sports Network is no stranger to the MMA world, they used to have the WEC back when they were called Versus. The first event will take place on November 3rd which will directly compete with Strikeforce’s Cormier v. Mir event. If they’re smart, the WSoF event will be on and off the air before Strikeforce’s main card hits Showtime. Then again it’s a Sunday and there’s too much competition with College Football to go against in an earlier time slot.

World Series of Fighting will have tough competition in the MMA world, of course the UFC is top dog, but the race for number two is wide open. Bellator is finally moving off MTV 2 to Spike, the previous go to network for the UFC and should’ve easily slid into the spot but with World Series of Fighting getting well known names, they might jump the shark.


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