Justin Bieber Offered ECHL Contract

According to Ken Baker’s article Justin Bieber is being offered a legitimate hockey contract. Yes, seriously.

The Bakersfield Condors coach Matt O’Dette is either wildly humorous or bat shit crazy. He’s claiming if the pop star wants he would be offered the opportunity to play with the team based on video he has seen of him skating with the Toronto Maple Leafs. O’Dette may have a great plan to get fans in the seats and it will surely bring in loads of money, if just for one night. Combine that with Bieber jerseys and the money in Bakersfield will be coming in by the truck loads.

This is a real hockey team, they feed players to the AHL, which feeds players to the NHL not some joke of a league which runs off beer and radio promotions. Justin Bieber should try it though, I’m sure the Islanders will be willing to drop a massive contract on someone who never steps foot on the ice.


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