First Photos of New RoboCop: Check It Out! released the first two images of the new RoboCop movie.

I am Bat–Ma…Wait, RoboCop!

These photos finally reveal what the modern RoboCop design will be. Don’t worry, if you’re thinking the suit looks like a rip-off of Batman’s suit, then you’re like every other person in the world.

I like the design. Would it have hurt if it had a bit more silver than black in it? Who knows. Filming just started today in Toronto and already this movie is going to be generating a lot of negative press just from these pictures of Joel Kinnaman walking around on set.

What do you think about this design, RoboCop fans?

RoboCop is scheduled to be released—so far, anyways—on August 9, 2013.

The film stars Joel Kinnaman as Alex Murphy with a supporting cast comprised of Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, as well as Samuel L. Jackson. Considering that it’s literally the first day of filming, I’m waiting for some actual footage before I condemn this endeavor.


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