UFC 152 Predictions

Saturday night, we will see Jon Jones face off with Vitor Belfort in a light-heavyweight title fight. Before that there will be another title fight, between Joesph Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson for the UFC’s first ever flyweight title, Michael Bisping v. Brian Stann, Matt Hamill v. Roger Hollett, and Cub Swanson v. Charles Oliveira on the Pay Per View portion of the event.

After the cancellation of UFC 151 the UFC fans are hungry for a card full of names they know, and they get just that with UFC 152. From the first fight on Facebook to the last fight on the Pay Per View there is at least one fighter in each fight, that every fan knows a bit about.

Facebook and FX share the prelim fights which start at 6:30 and 8:00 PM EST respectively. Then we move on to the big show, the build up to Jones v. Belfort is lined with potential barn burners, and one fight that leaves fans asking why.

Cub Swanson v. Charles Oliveira

Swanson is coming in off of two TKO victories, which come on the heels of his submission loss to Ricardo Lamas in November 2011.

Oliveira, is also on a two fight win streak, both submissions, his last loss was via TKO in August 2011 to Donald Cerrone.

This fight should be the striker versus submission artist match that is just down-right fun to watch. Swanson looks to be more well-rounded, and will have a definite advantage on the feet. Oliveira has a real shot of bringing the fight to the ground and pulling off a slick submission, but it will be hard work.

Cub Swanson via second round TKO.

Matt Hamill v. Roger Hollett

Like most of the people reading about this being on the PPV section, I’m still wondering how this made it. Igor Pokrajac v. Vinny Magalhaes would have made for a much better selection, but I’ll move on.

Hamill retired in August 2011 after being obliterated by Alexander Gustafsson. He hasn’t been training like a full-time fighter should train, and I think he will show major rust in the fight.

Luckily for Hamill, Roger Hollett is a new comer to the UFC and hasn’t faced top competition yet in his MMA career. Hollett is riding a five fight win streak into this replacement slot. He can make a name for himself by dominating Hamill, but if he loses he falls down the ranks pretty quickly.

I think Hollett pulls this one off. He needs a big win to advance his career, Hamill doesn’t.

Roger Hollett wins by submission in round 3.

Michael Bisping v. Brian Stann

Michael Bisping is under the impression that this win will place him at the front of the line for a title shot against Anderson Silva. He is coming off a decision loss to Chael Sonnen, the last guy to really challenge Silva, and for all intents and purposes he makes sense with the belief that he should be next.

Brian Stann doesn’t want your sympathy for being in the war as a member of the Marines. In fact, at this point I’m sure he’d rather everyone focus on how he does in the cage, rather than what he’s done out of it. Well here’s what he’s done in the UFC. Wins against Alessio Sakara, Jorge Santiago, Mike Massenizo and Chris Leben. Losses against Krzysztof Soszynski, Phil Davis, and Chael Sonnen. He’s much improved since the Davis fight, and losing to Sonnen is nothing to go home and pout about, ask Bisping.

Both of these guys are at the top of the ladder in the middleweight division and need to win if they don’t want to get knocked off. They are both strikers, and it will come down to whoever has the edge on the feet in this fight.

Which is why, I must regrettably go against the American and say Bisping takes this one. I think if the fight goes to the ground Bisping wraps it up, and standing he has an edge for sure.

Bisping by TKO in round 2.

Now for the Co-Main Event… What does that even mean? Co-Main Event? Nobody cares that you want to say it’s also a Main Event, because it’s really not.

Joseph Benavidez v. Demetrious Johnson flyweight title

The first ever UFC flyweight title will be decided in a five round fight that will showcase the best of what 125 has to offer. Benavidez is a good wrestler who has a great choke set up and some decent striking. Sleeping on him would be stupid, but to get to this place he fought a 36 year old who has a tenth of the athleticism that Johnson has.

Mighty Mouse, on the other hand faced the world’s number one flyweight and tied once, then beat him. His fights usually go to decision, but he’s the decider more often than not. He’s elusive, has great wrestling and goes at a pace that nobody else can match for the entire fight, every time.

Your winner, and new UFC flyweight champion. Demetrious Johnson by decision.

Now, the moment we really haven’t been waiting all that long for.

Jon Jones v. Vitor Belfort light-heavyweight title

Jones is the light-heavyweight champion for a reason. He’s undefeated, if not for an accidental rule he broke after he dominated the fight, he’s beaten Rashad Evans, Shogun Rua, and Lyoto Machida and well his athletic abilities make him a tough opponent for anyone.

Vitor Belfort… Yeah, let it sink in. One loss since 2006, that’s right one. Anderson Silva is the only guy who has beat Belfort in the last 6 years. He’s an ADCC Bronze medalist, and hell he’s even won a boxing match. Vitor has as real of a chance as anybody against Jon Jones. He’s fast, can wrestle, and can take a hit.

We don’t know where Jones stands on the taking a hit front, yes he’s been cracked before. Each time he’s bounced back, but none of the guys who have rung his bell have “the power of God” in their hands like Vitor does.

Vitor Belfort wins this fight, TKO round 1. He will shock the world. Or maybe, I’m just dreaming, but I’m sick and tired of hearing about Jon Jones.


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