Usher and Shakira Will Be Judges on The Voice

In a much-needed shake up, Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera will be off The Voice next season. Christina is leaving to to release a new album and tour, while Green leaves for a new sitcom about his life on NBC and other musical endeavors.

Usher and Shakira will take their place, yes that’s right, Shakira on our air waves multiple times a week. She will fill the female position left by Christina and will be a major upgrade as far as the males are concerned visual wise. Usher is just a fantastic singer, and has an eye for talent.

Both the departing judges hold no ill will towards the replacements, or upgrades as I call them. The Voice has suffered a slight ratings drop this season, and this remodeling process may be just the spark it needs to compete with the new judges on American Idol. Even though these talent based shows are supposed to be about the talent, they’re often about the judges. The Voice is no exception.

Usher will be a great replacement for Cee Lo, the R&B/hip hop department will be filled by another veteran of the industry. Let’s not forget Usher is the man behind Justin Bieber, so when he hears a voice he sure knows how to make it work in the most profitable way.

Shakira will bring not only a feminine judge back, but also add Latin flavor to the panel, a key demographic that has been missing from The Voice’s judging panel since the beginning.

I cannot wait to see what the new season brings, they changed the judges just in time. The fans didn’t get a chance to grow too connected, and the judges didn’t get a chance to be too annoying.

Source:Inside TV


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