Notre Dame Cancels on Michigan

Notre Dame has decided that the series to drop when they join the ACC will be the annual Michigan game. This is a stupid move on the part of Notre Dame, who has a long history playing against the Wolverines.

It was recently announced that Notre Dame will play 5 opponents from the ACC every year in football, becoming a partial member in the sport. This is an odd pairing for a sport which really doesn’t offer top competition, but it wasn’t too odd because let’s face the facts: Notre Dame isn’t top competition. The last game between Michigan and Notre Dame will be in 2014, but for the sake of rivalry it’s dead.

That’s because once a series loses games for 5 years nobody keeps the same tradition, it’s been an on again off again relationship between the two. Recent games between the two schools have been absolute thrillers coming down to the last quarter every time.

The good news is this opens up a new date for Michigan which can be used to play some schools they don’t have a history with. I think everyone will forget about this in 5 years, but right now it’s odd that Notre Dame decided of all series to cut, it’s the Michigan game.


4 thoughts on “Notre Dame Cancels on Michigan

  1. Sorry to rain on the Wolverines parade but they are not perennially a top tier program, so Notre Dame does not think beating Michigan will position them so they can qualify for one of the new BCS play-off spots. Michigan use to be one of the perennial powers in the days of Bo Schembeckler, but not these days. Notre Dame is looking out for themselves, as always.

    1. Not really, they are good this year but still have a lot to prove before anyone can say they’re truly back. Tons of schools go on great runs like this and fall off. To say they’re at the top again would mean year after year play for me.

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