With Real Referees Back, We Have to Admit Our Teams Suck.

Early this morning, or late last night depending on how you view midnight, the NFL and the referees stuck up a deal. This means no more scab refs to blame everything on, and we have to go back to realizing that our teams are awful.

Seattle is stoked that they got that one last play in. On the bad call heard around the world more times than ESPN could mention Tebow after carrying the ball on a trick play, they got a victory. The NFL is stoked, they don’t have to make bullshit calls in their offices to back up guys who were cut by the Lingerie Football League. But are the fans really going to be happy?

Speaking as a Dallas Cowboys fan, no. I mean they barely got out alive against Tampa, and got torched by a rookie quarterback, but with scabs on the field we could blame them. The hat that Ogletree slipped on took away a sure seven points for him right? Not really, but we’ll say it did. While we’re at it if the damn scabs would have called offsides on Seattle like they should have on that blocked punt, the game would be different. I’m not sure if there was anything close to offsides, but the scabs missed it, they miss everything.

These guys were ruining the game, too many of them weren’t cut out for anything above high school football and they didn’t belong on the field with men who, no matter what they say play every down to hurt someone. However, being under-qualified made it easy to place the blame on someone else when the team lost and it meant more. Okay, Ed Muscle Man Hochuli will still blow a call, but we know him. He’s qualified and when it does it, it’s not because he’s not trained properly it’s because he’s human. That was always the problem with the scabs. They were doing nothing more than trying to get some extra money, and who can fault them for it? We don’t know if these guys were about to lose their homes or if they’re filthy rich, but all they did was take a job offered to them. If I got hired as an investment banker tomorrow, those guys would be screwed, not because all investment bankers mess up every now and then, but because I’m not trained.

Scab refs are a thing of the past, but that’s too bad. If the Cowboys don’t make it to the playoffs this year, who do I blame? Tony Romo, because it’ll probably be his fault in actuality. However he’d take a lot less flack this year if the scabs were able to make some calls that “made us lose the game.”


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