Dexter Season 7 Premiere

So it’s finally here. Dexter’s back after last season’s cliffhanger that fans had been waiting for since the beginning.

How was the season premiere? Overall, not that great.

Dexter ended on a high-note last season by having Deborah finally catch her brother in the act. Fans have always wondered when and how this was going to happen, and now they’re dying to see what happens next.

The premiere of season 7 ultimately fell flat for me. Dexter’s horrible acting and explanation to Deborah about killing Travis Marshall was almost as hard to watch as her buying the story enough to help him burn down the church. If you’re a fan of plot-devices that strictly adhere to the concept of having Dexter almost get caught and then get away, then you’ll love the fact that LaGuerta found a slide in the church AFTER it was set on fire. I mean, even if the flames didn’t get the thing, it makes perfect sense that she would be the only person in the building to see a tiny piece of reflective glass buried under debris and under a metal cover…I wonder if that will help build tension throughout the season?

Dexter season 7

Listen, I think Dexter was one of the freshest shows to come television when it premiered and if we’re being honest, the season with John Lithgow and Rita dying was by far the show’s highest point. Since then, it’s been a steady descent down hill with only a few spikes here and there to keep fans coming back.

I was hoping that Season 7 was going to be better and not have as many dimwitted plot-devices that string us along for another seasons. Let’s face it, Dexter will kill, almost be caught, kill again, and then get away. It’s the way the show has always worked. What the writers need to focus on this season is to break away from the niches that the show has bore itself into. I mean honestly, Deborah remembered something that Dexter and his brother had whispered around her six seasons ago while she was unconscious on a table. Really? Simply because it would help drive this season’s plot, she suddenly remembers? I expect better television than that from Dexter.Season 7 of Dexter

Okay, I’m done ranting about the flaws I found with the first episode and the show as a whole, and will now focus on the positive instead.

I liked that Deborah was struggling the entire episode with believing Dexter and trying to make sense of it all. I’m liking the prospect of seeing more of Ray Stevenson and finding out who his character is and how he’ll be clashing with Dexter. Creepy Louis seems to be intruding into Dexter’s life more this season and somehow banging Dexter’s baby-sitter in the process. I can’t wait for that showdown or how Dexter is going to explain the fingernail-painted hand that Louis planted in his house and that Deborah has now found.

As a series premiere, the episode set up the groundwork for the next eleven episodes as well as it can. The best part of the episode by far was the end scene with Dexter coming home to find his apartment torn apart and Deborah sitting on his sofa with all of his blood slides and knives on the table. She tore his place up and that was exciting to see because I’d been thinking the whole episode how out-of-character it was for Deborah to keep getting dragged along by Dexter’s ridiculous lies.

Unfortunately, the highest part of the show only brought us right back to where last season’s finale left us. Deborah’s exposed Dexter again, and now we’re all just wondering what happens next. I’m hoping that this doesn’t happen next episode, and the episode after that, and the episode after that…

All in all, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that something will happen this season that will keep me from giving up on this show completely.


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