Homeland Season 2 Premiere

Homeland rocked the Emmys and helped Showtime throw down the gauntlet with its competitors over at HBO. Season 2 premiered tonight and one of the best shows on television is back and hitting home big time.

It seems like everything that made Homeland such a heart-pounding drama in the first season is all coming back faster and harder this time around. It’s as if the creators and writers got together and figured out a way to deliver on everything that made them successful. Every show tries to do this and most fail. Homeland is not one of them.

Brody is back and now a Congressman and potential VP candidate, struggling to balance his two lives and making sacrifices to preserve what he loves. Carrie Mathison has been trying to make a stable life for herself with her family and recover from the events that made her undergo Electroconvulsive Therapy last season. But the little peace she’s found doesn’t last long when she is brought back into the CIA on a mission to contact a former asset with vital information on a possible attack on America.

Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.

The cast’s acting is all superb and I wasn’t disappointed to pick right back up into these characters’ lives. I felt for Carrie, watching her struggle to find peace after losing her job and purpose in life. I’ve never been a fan of Claire Danes, and there are times when her acting comes off as irritating as Carrie, but after her explosion last season, I’m watching her character closer and picking up on subtle expressions and mannerisms that show she’s bordering the edge of losing it all again. Damien Lewis looks like he’s going to have his work cut out for him this season, and he’s impressed me again like always. The scene where Jess throws the Quran in the garage showcased his ability to have so many emotions and thoughts bubbling under the surface, threatening to boil over but never breaking through.

This season is off to a great start. What will happen to the Brody family now that Jessica knows that Nick is Muslim? And just how unsure of Nick’s loyalties to the US is she? With Nazir demanding more hands-on approaches from Brody, how will he continue to keep his family together and prevent being exposed as working with terrorists?

The season 2 premiere of Homeland kept my attention the entire time. With the premiere of Dexter before this, I kept taking notes for my review, but with Homeland, I forgot all about notes and focused entirely on the great piece of television in front of me. I can’t wait to see how this season unfolds and where Nick Brody, Carrie Mathison, and the rest of the characters are headed in this fantastic show.


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