The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere

The Walking Dead is back. Maybe you’ve heard?

The premiere of Season 3 is The Walking Dead firing on all cylinders. Great direction, intense storytelling, and enough zombie-killing gore to keep everyone who doesn’t give a shit about the latter two aspects of the show, happy.

It’s been months since the finale of Season 2 and everyone has gone through some changes. This leap in time was handled well with the eerily silent opening and the directing of the episode. We got to see and learn about characters through visuals alone and it told us enough. Carl is growing up and becoming kick-ass and finally allowed to kill zombies with a silenced pistol like a man. Rick has also stepped up as leader and has taken control of the group. Sure, there’s that rift between him and his wife who is carrying his dead ex-best friend’s baby, but what can you do? Even Andrea’s survived long enough to catch a cold with her new survivor buddy who keeps pet zombies and carries a katana.

The group’s plan to secure the prison was great–even though I don’t see how it took them almost 9 months to find it when they were so close last season. Seeing them use the fences to lure and kill zombies and then hack-and-slash their way deeper into the Cell Block was intense and gratifying to see everyone working together efficiently and even adapting to situations (zombie-guards). Speaking of hack-and-slash, the introduction of Michonne was gratifying although a little more over-the-top then I was expecting. She is definitely a character from a comic-book and I hope that she isn’t just walking around decapitating zombies with her own two mutilated zombie-mules chained up behind her. I get it, it’s cool, but I’m expecting some good characterization out of this sword-weilding woman.

Overall, the premiere was great fun and entertaining in every way the show’s become famous for. There were plenty of emotional scenes–like Glenn and Maggie on their bunk, and Hershel and Lori’s zombie embryo talk–that had more weight than most of the episodes in Season 2. I’m curious to see how the show will progress without Shane being an antagonist within the group, but I’m sure that Daryl will pick up the slack of someone going against Rick.

Season 3 of The Walking Dead is back and hopefully they can keep up the pace without as many slow spots along the road as the previous season.


One thought on “The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere

  1. Hey Jon, the series has veered sharply in favour of the graphic comics, so the endless soap farm soap opera style of Season 2 is over. If it stays true to its new direction (Frank Darabont is no longer writing the scripts) I think this season is going to be the most intense, and we will love where they take Michonne!

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