How Does EA NHL Save Face Without a NHL Season

Today, EA NHL 13 got a roster update that put all the players on their European teams, but without the KHL we’re still lacking a major portion of the real-life professional hockey counterpart. Combine that with EA Live Moments, a moot feature they’re going to have to do something to save face without a NHL season this year.

I’ve played every, or nearly every NHL game since 1994. Without roster updates this year, I haven’t even started a GM mode. So for the first time I am playing HUT, which is beyond frustrating to do anything without spending more money for a game I already paid for. In addition I get ads throughout the waiting screens, so the money is coming in. While HUT is okay for a game a day, maybe two at best, I simply lose interest in playing against people online.

The Live Moments feature, focusing mostly on games from last year is fun to play, but without cheap tricks doing what you’re asked to do relies on chance more than skill when it comes to anything with a real challenge. It would be much more fun to play if moments from this year were available to be played, but without a moment to really happen it’s hard to do.

I’m most interested in what the company does to lure fans back into the series if there is no NHL season. It will be hard to get fans to spend $60 on a game they never got to realize the full capabilities of, without giving in soon. Hopefully that giving in means a flashback to the days of Stanley Cup teams, and if possible a roster sharing “glitch” which allows the fans to bypass the limit on created players, and make the KHL teams. NHL 13 is fun so far, but limited. I don’t see myself purchasing NHL 14 without a major gesture from EA Sports.


One thought on “How Does EA NHL Save Face Without a NHL Season

  1. Maybe I am wrong but the game should get more attention since the real games are not scheduled. Just last week i heard that a bar showcased a game played through one of the top gaming systems with the actual play by play and color commentators for a real NHL team. Perhaps the NHL will see there is a strong appetite and get things settled quickly.

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