Disney To Acquire Lucasfilm: More Star Wars Movies in 2015

The force is strong with Disney…

Disney seems to be owning everything these days. With the acquisition of Pixar and then Marvel, the powerhouse seems to be growing exponentially. And it only cost them around $4 billion to get Star Wars. I call that bargain shopping. But what does this mean for Lucasfilm and more importantly, the future of Star Wars? Well, apparently it means that we will be getting Star Wars Episode 7, 8, and 9 starting in 2015, just three short years.

When I found out that George Lucas was stepping down and planning to hand the company off to Disney, I was surprisingly relieved. Back when I’d heard that Disney was getting Marvel, I was hesitant and reluctant to expect anything good to come from it, but after the last few years and the amount of work and production going into so many of the Marvel films–like The Avengers and the entire Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Marvel cinematic universe–all of my doubts dissipated.

…seeing this picture has made me lose some of my optimism.

Disney has done a great job in the past as being the big-budget producers and letting the other companies like Pixar and Marvel, do their own thing with the creative teams they already had. I expect that the same will happen with Lucasfilm and the rest of Lucas’ empire. A new trilogy in the Star Wars legacy was expected, maybe not as early as 2015, but always expected and dreaded by most. I however will be optimistic and wait and see who they get as writers and directors for the brand new trilogy before I start being judgmental. Am I worried that they’ve rushed a production date so that they can have a release by 2015? Yes. Am I worried that even though Lucas will stay on as a creative consultant with the new films, that they’ll lose a huge part of what made any of the past movies so memorable? Yes. But…I didn’t see the next batch of movies going anywhere good and perhaps Disney can breathe some fresh air into the next batch of films and maybe even some television time with ABC.

Whether you love him or hate him, George Lucas has cemented himself in the histories of the filmmaking industry. With Lucasfilm Ltd, Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Sound, and the entire Star Wars universe falling into the hands of Disney, we can only hope that some of the most beloved characters of all time will be handled properly and continue on for future generations to come.

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One thought on “Disney To Acquire Lucasfilm: More Star Wars Movies in 2015

  1. The Star Wars franchise is so huge that there was something inherently wrong with missing the last three installments of Lucas’ original 9 part plan. Sure there may be some deviation from his original plans, but hey we are going on 40 years past the origin of his creation and the technological advances in movie making and the “other world” machines created have advanced the “technological curve” such that it will have to evolve as well.

    Disney is soundly focused on entertainment. Like them or hate them, Disney is a sustainable organization that is only getting stronger!

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