Silva vs. Jones Looking Real

Dana White confirmed that Anderson Silva will fight Jon Jones, at least according to him. Truth is he doesn’t have the power to make them fight, but money does and well Zuffa has plenty of that for a fight of that stature. Anderson Silva is in a situation where he doesn’t need the money, but who couldn’t use extra money. Jon Jones doesn’t need the fight either, but with a potential move to heavyweight on the horizon his way to that title might go through Anderson Silva first.

Sound ridiculous? It is, but it’s a good counter-point for Zuffa if Jones denies the fight. Think about it, Jones fights his way through some bigger names in the division and then meets up with whoever the champ is after a couple of defenses. Big build up and huge marketability for the guys at the top of a division is never a bad thing.

Either way this fight is something Zuffa wants, so it should go down. There’s no way that money will come between the fight happening. All that’s standing in the way of this fight is Chael Sonnen, and Anderson’s will to fight Jones and potentially lose, or go out on top.


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