Jon Jones Wants Two Belts


This morning in a post on MMA Junkie and in print in USA Today, Jon Jones’ intentions were made clear.

But why? Jones still has several guys at light-heavyweight to fight before even thinking about heavyweight and if Dana White has his say, he has one middleweight too. I know Jones is good and he has a great chance of beating most of the guys left at his normal weight class, but why are we as fans so ready to accept that he has beaten everyone before the fights happen.

Fedor lost in rather stunning fashion in fights he was supposed to cruise in. Anderson Silva last lost to a guy most people haven’t ever heard of. Upsets happen all the time in MMA, so being accepting of a fate that might not happen for a year seems to be more than ridiculous. Guys like Dan Henderson, Alexander Gustafsson, Shogun Rua, Lyoto Machida, and Phil Davis should never be counted out of a fight before it happens. Even if he beats them all by that time, Rashad Evans will be back, and Daniel Cormier will most likely make an appearance at light-heavyweight if Cain Velasquez can win the heavyweight title. So with a grocery list of people left at light-heavyweight going to heavyweight won’t be so easy.

A champion needs to defend his title. Say Jones wins both belts, how does one so easily go from heavyweight to light-heavyweight without suffering in one of the divisions. He doesn’t, not easily anyway. Heavyweights get injured often and Jones has had luck so far in his career not getting to hurt in most of his fights, the odds are against doing something like this and staying as active as he currently is. Even if uninjured and fighting every three months each belt has a maximum of two defenses a year, which creates a log jam.

Jon Jones has the ability and size to go up to heavyweight and do very well, if not win the title. However the light-heavyweight division needs to be cleared out, or almost cleared out before the move happens. It feels hard to justify a move that would create a log jam in two divisions. I’m all for trying to win two belts, I just don’t feel that holding both at once can happen without holding up both divisions.


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