Clint Bowyer Championship Hopes Dashed: Fight Breaks Out

Kevin Harvick won a race that ended in a huge wreck because NASCAR couldn’t get their shit together. I’ll get to that later.

With a just over one lap to go Jeff Gordon decided to ignore his black flag and wreck Clint Bowyer, taking him out of the championship hunt for good. The 5 Hour Energy Crew didn’t take so kindly to that as a fight broke out as soon as humanly possible and Gordon was ushered to the NASCAR hauler by policemen.

The fight was reminiscent of the old days of NASCAR and was well deserved. It looked like Bowyer got into Gordon in the corner while trying to race for position. It should have been the only contact between the two because there should be some sort of respect out there. Gordon didn’t feel that way and turned Bowyer nose first into the wall. Turn a guy into a wall, expect a fight. That’s the letter of the law at every level of auto racing.

NASCAR will be forced to take action here because Gordon took out someone when he shouldn’t have been on the track to begin with. I think he’ll be suspended next weekend. More importantly though, NASCAR needs to be held accountable for what they did at the end of the race. Danica Patrick was dead stopped in the middle of turn 3-4 before the white flag and no caution flag flew, okay I get it you want to finish the race. Harvick is going to pass the line then yellow, right? This had to be the plan right? Nope. The plan for NASCAR, there was no plan let’s just have guys run full speed over oil in the corner while battling for position and see what happens.

There was no excuse for NASCAR to let the race finish how it did after the mêlée that ensued. This race was over and it could have saved people bodily injury and tons of money. The “boys have at it” rule must have gotten to their heads, because the end of that race was totally unacceptable.


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