Brad Keselowski’s Ridiculous Fine

Keselowski’s Twitter Upload from Daytona

So Brad Keselowski got fined $25,000.00 yes, 25k, or twenty-five thousand bucks. For cursing after the race right? Nope. It was for using his cell phone during a red flag, which is the same thing that drove thousands of people to watch the end of the Daytona 500 in February. I don’t understand how this action is equal to an all out brawl between crew’s, but NASCAR must. This fine matches the fine for Brian Pattie, Clint Bowyer’s crew chief which encompasses the entire crew’s actions.

Let’s do the math here. Brad only needs a top 15 finish next week to win the title this year. That means this guy is going to be the face of your company for at least one year, he’s the one fans will get to know, he’s the one who needs to be exciting. He tweeted, he got viewers, he is bringing in money. In case you don’t understand word problems, Brad’s high popularity will result in major income.

I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Brad, and that was hard for someone who grew up idolizing Rusty Wallace. This year that changed. He races hard, doesn’t have a filter, but also doesn’t cause trouble on the track just because he wants to. Facts are simple, guys like Harvick, Stewart, Bowyer, Keselowski and the Busch brothers bring in ratings because people love, or love to hate them. So why when adding to that, and being the odds on favorite to be your champion next week does NASCAR fine him?

No idea. I suppose it’s to impose their rule and force Brad to act how they want. The thing is, he won’t do it. His phone stays in his car because he got in a bad accident once and was unable to call anyone because he didn’t have their numbers. On top of that, and I hope we’re not alarming NASCAR here, but it’s the Sprint Cup series. They deal in the cellular service industry, that’s good promotion for the company. In addition to that, Twitter and NASCAR have a partnership. So what did Keselowski do besides bring all the sponsors of NASCAR together and get ratings again? Nothing. But it sure seems like in the eyes of NASCAR his tweeting is worse than fighting.


One thought on “Brad Keselowski’s Ridiculous Fine

  1. I heard that the new 2013 cars have a lot of computer driven set ups and they are afraid if anyone has a cell in their car they could alter the set up.Paranoid already.

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