Thanksgiving Day Football

Thursday is Thanksgiving, which means there’s three NFL games to watch along with one NCAA game.

First off, go out and play some football yourself. There’s no reason that anyone with a ball isn’t playing a little bit that’s what this day is about having some fun and kicking back, well to me it is.

TCU plays Texas at 7:30est on ESPN in the first big game of the weekend. I don’t see Texas losing this game, but TCU is always playing good teams really tight. This game should get you in the mood for the slew of college games that will follow on Friday and of course, The Game, Michigan vs. Ohio State on Saturday. West coasters should be just starting dinner around this time, while the east coasters should be winding down and looking for something to do after a turkey overload. TCU vs. Texas should be fun, and close enough to keep you awake.

On to the NFL, Houston gets to celebrate in Detroit this year where they should have no problem winning before heading back to Texas. In the first game of the day we should be treated to some great offense with Andre and Calvin Johnson playing. The game is on CBS at 12:30 and even though I haven’t heard what the halftime show will be, I’d be willing to bet right now, it’s not going to be a favorite of mine. This game for east coasters should end right around dinner time, while the west coast is lucky, they get to skip that parade and watch a game in the morning.

Washington comes to Dallas at 4:15 on FOX where we’ll get to hear my favorite football commentary team call an undoubtedly close game. Both teams are tight in the division race, and this game should could become a major factor at the end of the season. Griffin III is an elusive quarterback that will have to be dealt with very carefully, and Romo throws a ton of bad passes in high pressure situations. I think Dallas has focused on Washington a lot last week, which showed in the game against the Browns, because of that, they take this close game.

Around 8:20 on NFLN the Jets play New England. This is a game I’ll probably catch at the end, but by that time it’ll be long done. New England should have this game wrapped up by half time. However it is Thanksgiving, and the Jets could always hope Tebow brings a little religious freedom to the field. Nah, Jets still lose.


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