Homeland Season 2 Finale and Looking Forward

Homeland Season 2 Finale

While we don’t usually write together, this should be a good way to tightly wrap-up our take on Season 2 of Homeland. Was the finale a fail? Did Season 2 live up to the hype of Season 1 or did it disappoint? There are spoilers after the jump, so if you haven’t watched please wait.



Did you guys just see that? Quinn doesn’t kill Brody, which is ridiculous, but necessary. Estes is dead and Saul is not only free, he is in charge. Dana’s scene with Brody was pretty damn good. It completely set up the fact that Brody wasn’t interested in hurting anyone else, and once again made me believe that Dana should be included more. The explosion was great, killing everyone in the area was the only way to have Saul come back without suspecting Carrie was in on it right away. Also the immediate breakdown by Carrie pointing the gun on Brody was fantastic, from the scramble to her gun to the emotional breakdown and escape, it was all golden.

Just to Recap this season. Brody left his family and told Mike to have them, Abu Nazir is dead after capturing Carrie and making Brody help kill Walden to set her free. The C.I.A. has no idea that Brody and Abu Nazir killed Walden, only Carrie knows. The rest of the Walden family is dead as is Estes and I’m presuming someone else important from the blast, but who knows? Some new terrorist or maybe Brody, placed a bomb in Brody’s car and now he’s on the run going towards Canada with fake papers and money thanks to Carrie.

Season 3:

Season 2 was lackluster for me. I was able to predict way too many things before it happened and the few surprises were underwhelming. Brody being outed as a terrorist was done way too soon for my liking and it made the season seem rushed. However, with the turn of events and the bombing of Walden’s memorial, it was done with the intent to create a season where Brody can be on the run. If Carrie is supposed to be in charge of finding Brody next year then we will undoubtedly get a season with the suspense that season 1 had. I sincerely hope that Carrie was followed by Quinn as she dropped Brody off, the way she constantly gets away with everything is getting annoying. Having her be in the same position that Brody was this season could be a good thing. Carrie should be directed by Saul to rekindle her relationship with Brody in order to bring him back to the U.S.

Estes is dead, which means Saul is in charge. Finally Saul can be the bad-ass that he is. He will search for Brody, and have the support of everyone involved to find him. That being said, Saul seems like he might try to play a hand in removing the military from the middle east. Focusing efforts on the terrorists instead of waging war on the entire country seems how Saul would run things.



Holy shit. The season finale was an episode that held all of the suspense and heart of the first season. I kept expecting Brody’s death and when Quinn didn’t actually go through with killing him, I was waiting for Brody to do something terrorist-like. I don’t care what anyone says, but the series still has me questioning Brody’s intentions as well as his involvement in anything. I still feel for the guy, but I can’t help but wonder what is truth and what is deception. I am definitely looking forward to Brody being on the run, especially now that a terrorist group has released his video to the public. This is going to set up a lot of tension and make me care again for the Brody family now that they will have to once again try to salvage their own lives in the wake of Nicholas’ decisions.

Saul’s in charge of the CIA. Finally. He’s a calm, collected strategist who is going to make worlds of trouble for Carrie and Brody next season. Since he isn’t a selfish douche like Estes, Saul will not only be a real threat, but someone we sympathize with when all of the inevitable shit hits the fan and he’s left with some very difficult choices. And while I’m on the subject of Saul, the end scene with him praying while standing inside the building lined with rows of the deceased was incredible. The eerie, horrific realization of needless violence was captured brilliantly in that one scene and made me sympathize with the concept of losing so many people in an instant. I’m surprised that Showtime didn’t pull that scene following the recent tragedy in Connecticut. Especially since Showtime even gave a brief viewer’s discretion at the beginning of both Dexter and Homeland tonight, warning viewers of some certain violent scenes.

I did enjoy how the season finale ended, but I was still waiting for someone to kill Brody. I was betting that Carrie was going to get out of her car in the wilderness, kiss Brody, and then shoot him right then and there, having this big reveal about how he was still working with the terrorists. That’s the beauty of Homeland. You have a character like Nicholas Brody, someone you don’t fully trust, and yet you still care whether they live or die. It’s also what keeps viewers like me coming back for more.

Season 3:

Overall, this season wasn’t nearly as strong as the first and much more predictable. There were too many moments when I knew exactly where the plots were going and what was coming next week. Even Brody’s sudden reveal by Carrie and then being forced to work with the CIA came too quick and didn’t propel the next couple episodes as much as the writers probably wanted. I also didn’t get to see enough of Morena Baccarin…naked. That said, I’m still looking forward to the next season and I believe once again that Homeland can pick up the pieces and get back to the quality of television it possessed in the first season. With Brody on the run, Carrie having to work both sides, and Saul being the one to watch and wait for a moment to strike, Season 3 is going to blow everyone away. (Had to have at least 1 bomb joke on a show about terrorism.)

I hope that Quinn is back next season so that I can watch him vent about not taking the kill shot when he had the chance. I also hope that these new terrorists taking over for Abu Nazir will not just pick Brody up and force him to work for them again. I want to see growth, not the same storyline re-hashed season after season. Season 2 closed a lot of the chapters set up in the last two seasons and I’m hoping that Nicholas, Carrie, Saul, and the Brody Family (+1 with Mike), all progress and evolve with new story-lines and suspense that is invigorating enough to keep me from predicting as much as I did in Season 2.


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