Top Films of 2012

Here’s my list of top 5 films I saw in 2012.

Marvel’s The Avengers:

Best Marvel movie ever. So far.

-Marvel’s hard work pays off in a gratifying summer blockbuster helmed by fan-favorite, Joss Whedon. Hulk thrashes Loki…nuff said.


A must-see movie.

-A stylish, creative spin on the sci-fi genre that entertained and impressed throughout. I forgot what Joseph Gordon-Levitt looked like halfway through.


Daniel Craig solidifies his status as 2nd Best Bond

-Bond lives to die another die to smash the box office in this billion-dollar powerhouse that’s reignited the franchise for another 50 years.

Les Misérables:

Not a fan of musicals? Watch this and see if that changes.

-A stunning—somewhat long—musical worth all of the nominations it’s receiving. Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway can sing, Russell Crowe cannot.

The Dark Knight Rises:

“Darkness? I was born in darkness. You merely adopted it.” -90 Year-old Man.

-The weakest of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, it was still a very well-crafted film that was a fitting end despite being frustratingly predictable. Bane’s voice still sucks.

2013 Resolution? Go to the movies more.


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