Top Music of 2012

Okay, so I’m behind on this. However here are my favorite new releases of 2012, no particular order. All include a free legal stream links, so at the very least try everything out, it all has a different style.

Alexisonfire – Death Letter EP

This EP features stripped down Alexisonfire songs and sounds absolutely wonderful. Dallas Green could make singing through a brick wall sound good. Listen to a stream here.

Minus The Bear – Infinity Overhead

Like clockwork, Minus The Bear releases a new album and win every time. Reviews by people who have never played a guitar say it’s not as technical, it clearly is, just different. Listen to a stream here.

Every Time I Die – Ex Lives

From the opening track to the last note this album is incredibly intense. Every Time I Die are the Kings of heavy music, this year is no exception. Stream at Spotify here.

Foxy Shazam – The Church of Rock and Roll

These guys came out with gold in 2012. The Church of Rock and Roll has a bible to follow thanks to the musicianship and vocal talent this band possesses; combine that with the lyrical ability to make you laugh and think, there’s nothing better. Stream over here

Anberlin – Vital

I’m one of the few who enjoyed Anberlin’s last effort. This time I’m one of the many who enjoy it. Vital is a return to the Cities vibe and has dark moments that are done with absolute precision. Don’t sleep on this album seriously.

The Early November – In Currents

The Early November’s first album in six years was everything anyone who’s followed Ace’s career could have hoped for. Fans got both the new style of Ace and the style of The Early November all wrapped up in one great gift. Do yourself a favor and go listen.


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