It’s Official. J.J. Abrams Will Direct Star Wars Episode 7


In a galaxy far, far away, the director of Star Trek decided to make a really wise decision…

J.J. Abrams is undeniably a talented filmmaker. I mean, he made Star Trek good, right? And as a Star Wars fan, that’s saying a lot.

Sure, he can direct amazing blockbuster films with huge action sequences and stunning CGI. Who can’t these days, right? But what Abrams does best is give us characters we care about. Every film of his has a level of humanization and raw emotion that you can’t help but get sucked into. Now while Abrams is on board to direct the next Star Wars film, I hope that he has more creative control of the story and bringing out some humanity in this universe that we were definitely lacking in the first trilogy.

I’m sure that there are a bunch of Trekkies out there who are pretty pissed right now, but you know what? Get over it. You are gonna have two great Star Trek films thanks to this man. That’s two more than I ever thought there’d be.

Star Wars Episode 7 is a chance to reignite Star Wars for another generation. With the production team they’ve set up already with J.J. Abrams directing and Michael Arndt writing the screenplay, I have a feeling that the start of this trilogy is going to create a new hope for Star Wars fans everywhere.

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