IOC Drops Wrestling, Let’s Get It Back

Starting in 2020, the Olympics will no longer contain wrestling.(ESPN) I don’t understand this move one bit. What I do understand though is how to get this sport back in the games. I’m not going to sit here and be cynical about which sports to take out, instead I’m going to suggest we boycott these products until we know wrestling is safe.

Coca-Cola is a major sponsor to the Olympic games. If you go to the store, buy another brand, if you’re out and Coca-Cola is the only option, try water or tea instead. No Coke, No Problem.

McDonald’s should be hard to avoid. The food isn’t good for you anyway. Be healthy cut out these guys along with coke and watch how your body changes. However, if you insist on fast food, there are tons of other options.

General Electric These guys might be harder to avoid, but look around at other options.

Panasonic and Samsung have top of the market products, but others match them and they can be easily avoided. Resist their sales and wait for another company to have one next week.

This one is very tough to avoid, but these guys will notice a decline in sales the quickest. Proctor and Gamble have tons of brands, but they all have very close competitors.

Here are the other sponsors involved in the Olympics.

Save wrestling, there’s no other sport like it for thousands of kids across the country. Wrestling for most people ends at the Olympics, there isn’t a professional level where these guys can go and make money like the sports of golf and rugby. People wrestle to get Olympic gold, not for the fame (there is none) or the girls (see fame). Without the Olympic inclusion we will see the sport leave high schools and colleges rather quickly, some people use wrestling to get to college and have a shot at professional life, others use wrestling to escape the rigors of every day life. Taking this sport away from kids who may only have a shot because of it is just wrong. 28 countries medaled in Wrestling in the last Olympic games, it’s an international sport let’s keep it that way.

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