Are We Missing Something? (UFC Edition)

Is it worth all the hype? No, really I’m asking.


So recently the UFC unleashed their “Fight Pass” on-line subscription service, and in my opinion only furthered the gap between traditional sports fan and MMA extremist. 

I am currently sitting in a living room, which isn’t mine watching Michigan Spring Football, which has no bearing on anything that matters in the season. Why am I doing this? Because it’s free (in the sense that I have already paid for the channel) and because I like football. If there was a UFC event on right now, I’d be watching that instead, because it would have actual value. So I am ready to admit that given the choice of football practice or UFC event for the same price, I’d be watching UFC. 

My admittance is the problem. It’s all contingent on the price point. As a fan of the UFC my cable bill shows that I have spent a total of roughly $780.00 on Pay-Per-View events this year alone. I’m already sick of paying this much to watch a sport. Do you know how much I spend on NASCAR or football, or hockey, on it’s on every year? Yep, $0.00. The cost of being an at home fan for these sports as a whole is already packed into my cable subscription price. Additionally to get every single NHL and NFL game all season, I’m still going to pay less than that. The amount of entertainment I could have instead of watching UFC PPV Events is already a burden in the wallet that I’d much rather have to spend on other things. 

“But you can watch all the old fights whenever you want.” – Message Board Warriors Everywhere. Honestly, who cares? If I talked to 100 traditional sports fans, told them who won the game, then asked if they wanted to watch it still. I would be willing to say at least 85 of them say “no”.

No, not because they didn’t want to see it, but because it doesn’t have the same value anymore. We watch, well pretty much everything to see how it ends. If I walked up to you outside of the movies and said “Hey, you know he dies in the end right?” You probably wouldn’t even buy the ticket to see it anymore. 

Here’s the question Fight Passers. Am I missing something? I can’t justify the price point. Two of my favorite fighters have been or will be featured exclusively on the system, but I still can’t justify spending another $120.00 on the UFC. It would cause me to become a fan that without ever attending an event or buying merchandise spends $900.00 a year on this. I live in South Florida and for $20.00 I can find tickets to any Panthers game and go. 41 home games would cost me $820.00. Now that I just did that math, I’m upset I haven’t just given up already and become a season ticket holder. Well, The Panthers aren’t my favorite team, so there’s that. 

The UFC is asking fans to give them $900.00 per year in order to keep up. Which of you are keeping up, and what makes it worth it for you?

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