Ft. Lauderdale Strikers: Driving Fans Away

Parking– As a person with the ability to see, I understand that your parking choices are limited. As a person with the ability to reason, the amount of broken glass on the floor when there are literally no more than 20 cars in the section of parking is unacceptable. There is no respect for the fans at all in this situation. Last night we paid $15, to hope we didn’t run over glass and get a flat. I can’t say all the customers were as lucky as I was last night. It is shameful. I highly doubt that the employees last night were making more than $15 an hour to guide cars. Why aren’t they sent to ensure a safe environment for cars, and most importantly people walking? You want to charge to park on the property, that’s fine. However, you must give people a reason to spend this money and ensure safety. The ones who can, are driving away.

Tickets– I am not complaining about the price of the tickets. $26.00 seemed like a fair price last night. However, buying online would have saved me money last night. Do you realize how insane that is? I could have spent my money online, gone through a third party, and somehow spent less than to buy directly from the source. I spent an extra $5.00 per ticket last night, to be forced to pay cash, (because you know you’re scamming people on ATM fees) it is a disingenuous practice that should not, and will not be tolerated. You want disposable income from the 20-45 year olds? Don’t treat us like we’re stupid. We know this game, and it’s driving fans away.

Team– The team is a joke. Let’s be honest from management, as expressed in other sections, to on the pitch we need more. The “star” just left, because, well, uh. Yeah, we don’t have an actual reason. Rumors are that the team couldn’t afford to pay him, and he was done with it. However, that is speculation, because the team hasn’t been official, nor were they even the first to break the story. This is South Florida. This is a market made up of people who couldn’t care less about your team if you’re not winning. This is a spending market. You must spend money, to bring in fans. You must develop talent and bring in a winning product. You know what isn’t sustainable? Gimmick signings that leave your team. You brought back a coach that you fired after leading you to a championship appearance. That’s a good start, but there needs to be more. Until then, honk if my taillights are out.

Fan Experience– I go to many live sporting events. In the last year I’ve been to NASCAR races, a World Series of Fighting event, Miami Hurricanes games, Florida Panthers games, Tampa Bay Lightning games (including playoffs, and Stanley Cup Finals), and the NHL draft. I haven’t been in any of those places and looked at blacked out screens due to the inability to display something on them. In addition to that, I haven’t been in a dirtier bathroom. Oh, and here’s another big one, I haven’t felt like I am wasting my time (and money) on a product when I left. In case you missed it, we’re in 2015! Not 2005, or 1995, or 1985. I don’t believe that there is any level of justification for why I had no option to look at the screen that is there. You are trying to sell a sporting event in the United States, and yeah maybe in other countries a video board isn’t an issue, but here it is. ESPN shouldn’t have to broadcast the game in order for you to show your games in stadium to the fans. It’s dark out, time for headlights, oh wait it’s 2015, they’re automatic.

So as it is, I have no reason to go back. You price gouged me, left broken glass everywhere and made it a danger to drive through (even though nobody was remotely close to me at the time), don’t have clean facilities, don’t spend money on players (hell, you charge them to tryout), and you offer none of the things a professional sporting team should. Even being a second-tier event. I could have spent the same money and gone to a NASCAR Xfinity race, Florida Panthers game, or a Miami Hurricanes game. At the very least, I know those people are spending money to make the fan experience and the performance better.

Maybe you’ll see me when you at least address some of the issues. Until then, keep price gouging at the door, that’ll have people driving back!

2 thoughts on “Ft. Lauderdale Strikers: Driving Fans Away

  1. Sorry to hear you had a poor initial experience. As a long time strikers supporter, I can assure you that this club has come a long way. Everything you mentioned was actually an improvement from year’s past.

    During the regular season, tix and parking are much more affordable. This, being a special event where profits needed to be split some with BocaJrs, was an attempt to make a little revenue no doubt.

    I hope you’ll come out to a regular season match sometime. We (flight 19) tailgate early and do what we can to make the environment a better one for everyone in attendance. With a new stadium in the near future on the way, the club is only making minimal upgrades to Lockhart to not be wasteful. Unfortunate, but we’re excited about the club’s future home so we deal with what we have.

    Hope to see you back someday! You and your family are always welcome at our tailgates under the big tree on the east side of the parking lot.

    Go Strikers!

    1. I have been to a regular season game, and been with Flight 19. Flight 19 are fans, that doesn’t need to change. I’ll take a chance again, but not anytime soon.

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