Enigma Pro Wrestling Recap 6/5/16

After finding out about the show Friday, I decided to check out Enigma Pro Wrestling in Lake Worth, FL. If you want to check out the promotion’s website (which needs to update the roster page), and watch this very show do so here.

Before doors were opened Gamestop was out with a Playstation 4 and UFC 2. This did a good job keeping fans from getting restless. 


The crowd consisted of all ages, many people were very excited before the event.

Match 1
Luis Guzman Vs Ace Slater
Entertaining match back and forth to start. Good wrestling, but slightly held back. Ace hit an Ace Cutter, then a submission-hold to win.
Yolo, who I thought was a regular commentator, hops out of commentating booth to attack Slater after he wouldn’t give up the hold (he did not rejoin the booth). Guzman then inexplicably attacks Yolo and all three go at it. Glen (Thrasher), the GM announced a Triple threat will happen July 3rd.

Match 2
Chuckles vs Damien King (who hails from jail) with Kiko Harris ringside.
Domination by Chuckles until Kiko gets his attention and finally interferes. This allowed King to hit a big boot and change direction of the match.
Crowd clearly in Chuckles favor; he’s got the chops, proving that he is more than a demented take on another clown wrestler.
Harris, through distraction again gains the attention of Chuckles and starts turning laps around the ring. Then I Rex (or so I think that’s his name) came out causing all four men to beat on each other in the ring. Match ends, Thrasher announces Tag Team match for later in the night under the stipulation that if Kiko and King lose, Kiko can no longer come out to the ring with King.

Match 3
RIP it energy match?
John “The Jet” vs Danny Dubstep

Dubstep, came out and took a cheap shot advantage, crowd loved it. He danced around a bit, but in the end John and the ropes gave leverage to victory. I don’t have much to comment on this match

Match 4
Mike Cruz vs Yolo

This match started with good back and forth action as well as some taunting. Yolo is apparently a very big crowd favorite, though Cruz was very entertaining to watch. Mid-way through the match Ace Slater came to watch the action take place, which of course caused distraction. Cruz took advantage and hit a Senton to win the match.
Post-Match: Guzman came to attack Slater, then Yolo got involved. Yolo hit a powerful spear on Slater, then found himself on the other side of a powerful DDT from Guzman before clearing out.

Match 5
The Alliance vs The Guadalupe Brothers ( I’m calling them Los Hermanos)

Los Hermanos are the clear crowd favorites, but The Alliance has the physical advantage and look to be more imposing. The Alliance walked out of the ring to start the match until the referee reached 6 on the count out. Once the match began we were treated to some great action. The Alliance showcased their power while one half of Los Hermanos showed the ability to be very nimble.
Los Hermanos jumped over the top rope, crashing into The Alliance then hit a double superkick to start the count out. Then after loudly proclaiming they weren’t happy with winning that way dragged one member into the ring to hit the finisher. While one of The Guadalupes was on the top rope; the rope was shook causing a fall on the nether regions, then a low blow. Then the other was on the bad end of a low-blow causing The Alliance to hit their finisher to win.
Los Hermanos cut a promo in Spanish, then English. Set up by asking for a Texas Tornado match for next month.

Match 6
Main event
Chuckles and Rex(?) Vs Kiko Harris and Damien King.

Kiko cut a promo about hating everyone and about how Glen (Thrasher) sucks at everything. This causes Glen to leave his post as commentator and sit at the isle in a steel chair.

Match starts.

Light action between Rex and Kiko.

Ref, like all night hasn’t caught any cheating. Nor does he actually break up cheating when he should.

Kick from Kiko to Rex leads to a big slam to finish the match.

Post-Match: Glen hits Kiko and the ref with a chair shot to head. Then King slammed Glen on to the chair to set up for handcuffing him to the ropes. Glen’s wife runs in the ring and slaps Kiko, causing Kiko to demand a fight next month against Glen. Winner will be the General Manager.

The Takeaway:
Overall, the event was entertaining, and made me interested in the product going forward. I would not be surprised to see a few of these guys in the big times sooner than later.


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