UFC 159 Picks, Not Predictions

So after a season of minimal trash talking on The Ultimate Fighter, and even less trash talking in the promotion of the fight, Chael Sonnen will take on Jon Jones for the Light Heavyweight Title. I do not care to tell you who is actually going to win, so if you bet based on my […]

IOC Drops Wrestling, Let’s Get It Back

Starting in 2020, the Olympics will no longer contain wrestling.(ESPN) I don’t understand this move one bit. What I do understand though is how to get this sport back in the games. I’m not going to sit here and be cynical about which sports to take out, instead I’m going to suggest we boycott these […]

Xbox Pushing Me to Play Station?

With the news of a required internet connection and no used games presented by Kotaku, I am leaning towards Sony now more than ever. Having to be connected to the internet is not a major deal, if you live in an area that has high-speed internet. In the United States, having high-speed internet isn’t available […]

Stream Paramore-Now

Okay here it is, new Paramore. If you’re interested follow the link to hear a song that I honestly can’t get into. Ilan Rubin is great on drums, but the lack of Josh Farro on guitar is standing out. Make your own opinions. Listen Here

Manti Te’o is a Real Boy, I Think.

Okay, so thanks to Deadspin, we know that his girlfriend is (or was?) fake. The story goes like this, Manti’s grandma died, then shortly after on the same day, or a couple of days after his girlfriend died. Deadspin has done exhaustive research and discovered that the woman in all those pictures weren’t Te’o’s girlfriend, […]

Top Music of 2012

Okay, so I’m behind on this. However here are my favorite new releases of 2012, no particular order. All include a free legal stream links, so at the very least try everything out, it all has a different style. Alexisonfire – Death Letter EP This EP features stripped down Alexisonfire songs and sounds absolutely wonderful. […]