UFC 155 Picks

Junior dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez Raise your hand if you saw, or heard about JDS knocking Cain into last year in the last fight. Yeah, he’ll do that again. I don’t think Cain has anything that JDS can’t handle. The guy has BJJ he’s never showcased in the octagon. I think if Cain takes […]

So We’re Still Alive…

I didn’t think this one through. I was hoping the world would end yesterday, now I’m in endless debt thanks to my 90′ 3D TV, and unemployed thanks to me. I was really pulling for this Mayan crap. Well now it’s off to hope for the next doomsday prophecy to come true, and do a […]

Blurb: Stream and Download new Attack Attack! Song

I haven’t always been a fan of this band. Their last album had some bright spots, but just this week the vocalist and bassist left the band. Here is their new song with vocalist Phil Druyor (I am Abomination) courtesy of Alt Press. It’s really good stuff, new direction for the band.

This is 40 Review

So I went to see This is 40 on Monday night. It actually exceeded expectations. First in a heated debate with Jon, I have decided it’s better than 40 Year Old Virgin, which was previously the king of Judd Apatow directed films. So if you only care that the movie is funny, then quit reading […]

Homeland Season 2 Finale and Looking Forward

While we don’t usually write together, this should be a good way to tightly wrap-up our take on Season 2 of Homeland. Was the finale a fail? Did Season 2 live up to the hype of Season 1 or did it disappoint? There are spoilers after the jump, so if you haven’t watched please wait.

NHL Lockout Update

Still no hockey. Seriously though, it’s the second straight day of talking with a mediator. Hopefully this ends soon. Hockey for the new year is possible, maybe even Jan 1st games.