Ft. Lauderdale Strikers: Driving Fans Away

Parking– As a person with the ability to see, I understand that your parking choices are limited. As a person with the ability to reason, the amount of broken glass on the floor when there are literally no more than 20 cars in the section of parking is unacceptable. There is no respect for the […]

UEFA Euro Reminder

Portugal plays Spain today at 2:45 EST. You can view the game on ESPN, ESPN 3, Watch ESPN and of course there will be a million streams on-line. Tomorrow Germany plays Italy same time same channels. I think Portugal beats Spain today and Germany beats Italy. Then Germany wins it all, am I biased? Yes. […]

Shuffling Continues for UFC

In light of a recent positive drug test UFC 146 lost their headliner; and due to unknown claims (many claim Chael Sonnen’s safety) UFC 147 lost their title fight, which shifted to UFC 148. So With all this shuffling I’m going to give a quick rundown of the three upcoming pay per view UFC events. […]