It’s Official. J.J. Abrams Will Direct Star Wars Episode 7

…Awesome. J.J. Abrams is undeniably a talented filmmaker. I mean, he made Star Trek good, right? And as a Star Wars fan, that’s saying a lot. Sure, he can direct amazing blockbuster films with huge action sequences and stunning CGI. Who can’t these days, right? But what Abrams does best is give us characters we […]

Toy Story 3 Writer to Pen Star Wars: Episode VII

Well, it’s official. Michael Arndt is set to write the next Star Wars film. Arndt has reportedly been working on a treatment of the film with Lucasfilm for several months now. Michael Arndt has written films such as Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3, and upcoming sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. Star Wars […]

Disney To Acquire Lucasfilm: More Star Wars Movies in 2015

The force is strong with Disney… Disney seems to be owning everything these days. With the acquisition of Pixar and then Marvel, the powerhouse seems to be growing exponentially. And it only cost them around $4 billion to get Star Wars. I call that bargain shopping. But what does this mean for Lucasfilm and more […]