Making Money? UFC 189 Edition

Late Shuffle. Still Fun. (click image for direct link to image) On Making Money?, we put together bets that may be worth the risk. I am not a professional gambler. I don’t recommend taking my advice. I just have fun putting these things together. If you lose, I told you not to take my advice. […]

UFC 159 Picks, Not Predictions

So after a season of minimal trash talking on The Ultimate Fighter, and even less trash talking in the promotion of the fight, Chael Sonnen will take on Jon Jones for the Light Heavyweight Title. I do not care to tell you who is actually going to win, so if you bet based on my […]

Jon Jones Wants Two Belts

This morning in a post on MMA Junkie and in print in USA Today, Jon Jones’ intentions were made clear. But why? Jones still has several guys at light-heavyweight to fight before even thinking about heavyweight and if Dana White has his say, he has one middleweight too. I know Jones is good and he […]

Silva vs. Jones Looking Real

Dana White confirmed that Anderson Silva will fight Jon Jones, at least according to him. Truth is he doesn’t have the power to make them fight, but money does and well Zuffa has plenty of that for a fight of that stature. Anderson Silva is in a situation where he doesn’t need the money, but […]

If Not Chael Sonnen, Then Who?

On the heels of yesterday’s announcement that Chael Sonnen will get the next shot at Jon Jones people have used their online voices saying he doesn’t deserve the fight, but not saying who does. So the question if Chael shouldn’t get the fight, who should? I’m a huge Dan Henderson fan, but he’s injured. An […]